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The Journey of the Mary Silliman Chapter of The DAR Quilt from Connecticut to Washington, D. C.

Posted by Sue Reich on Thursday, November 10, 2011,

This is the story of the amazing journey of a signature quilt made by members Mary Silliman Chapter of the DAR, Bridgeport, Connecticut. The Chapter was organized in 1895. By 1910, the organization quickly attained status as the largest chapter in Connecticut and New England, and the third largest chapter in the United States. During its first thirty-four years, through the diligent work and the benevolence of its members, the Chapter contributed over $16,500 in memorial, educational and ph...

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Aunt Bina's Quilt

Posted by Sue Reich on Monday, November 7, 2011,

Lima News
Lima, Ohio
October 19, 1898
Page 3

AUNT BINA’S QUILT by Mrs. O. W. Scott
A War-Time Episode

  Aunt Bina Emerson had pieced the quilt from bits of calico given her by the women and girls of Eden that she liked. It was the lone woman’s “love-quilt,” with her shades of affection deliberately outlined in tiny triangles.  
“I won’t have any pieces in it that call up anybody that’s stingy, or stuck-up, or meddle-some, or cruel,” she said.  “I’ll have it just as nea...

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