Our Nation's Presidents                              Remembered in Quilts. 

Throughout our country's history, quiltmakers have honored our nation's Presidents in their quiltmaking.  During this election season, I hope you enjoy these quilts and blocks depicting the most important leaders of our country.  This is how quilt history has chosen to  remembered our Presidents. 

 Our Nation loves its first President, George Washington.  For centuries, we have celebrated his birthday.  The Centennial of his death was marked by all in 1899.   Quilt patterns such as Washington's Plume continue to honor his service. 

John Adams - 2nd President of the USA 

Thomas Jefferson

3rd President of the USA


James Madsion - 4th President of the USA

 James Monroe, 

5th President of the USA


                      John Quincy Adams                       

6th President of the USA

Andrew Jackson

7th President of the USA


Martin Van Buren

8th President of the USA