Seminole and Hitchita World War II Roll Call/Honor Roll Quilt

February 12, 2013

  Seminole and Hitchita are towns in central and eastern Oklahoma.  The W.S.C.S. (Women's Society of Christian Service)
from these areas created this quilt in 1945 to honor the veterans of two wars; World War I and World War II.  Research to date reveals the men and women names embroidered on this quilt are all American Indian.  
  Many towns across the United States honored the soldiers from their communities who served in World War II with Service banners and Honor Roll or Roll Call quilts.  Some of these quilts are very patriotic in red, white and blue.  Others are not so obvious and are made with everyday scrap fabric from the 1940s.  This quilt slightly reads red, white and blue with many other scrap fabrics associated from that era. 


Vezy Edward Tracy's World War II Crazy Blocks

October 14, 2011

Vezy was born in 1908 to a Neoga, Illinois farmer, Jesse Tracy, age 52 and his wife, Martha, age 35. By 1920, Martha Tracy was a single mother of three children, working as a doctor’s maid in Mattoon, Illinois. [1] A decade later, only her middle child, Vezy Edward, was still living at home. At the age of 21, he was employed as a dry goods salesman supporting his mother. [2] On November 22, 1930, Vezy married Vivian J. Storm of Windsor, Illinois, only 18 miles to the west of Mattoon. Vezy w...

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